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2nd. June 1951

Born in Osaka Japan



He belonged to a CASBA ORCHESTRA with Yoshinori Tadao, and trained the drum.



He went to Tokyo and started activity as a professional.



He joined Kenichi Sonoda and his Dixie Kings.



Sacramento jazz Festival



Gave a performance in Shanghai.



He becomes a leader of Dixie Kings by the death of Kenichi Sonoda on July 12th.


20th. Feb. 2007

He held leader concert"The Beginning!"in Tokyo Cultural Center.



KOKI NANDO is a dynamic drummer with a powerful beat. He is existence of No. 1 now in the Japanese Dixieland jazz world.

His splendor is stable rhythm and daring drum solo of the Gene Krupa school. And his stage manner keeping a smile enlivens an atmosphere of the dixieland very much.

In addition, the performance of his wash board showing a pleasant performance cannot help attracting all audience.

KOKI NANDO belongs to Kenichi Sonoda and his DIXIE KINGS and is active in KOKI NANDO and DIXIE BOMBERS, KOKI NANDO and Finest Jazz Men, KOKI NANDO and Dixie Angel that himself acts as a leader now. He is playing an active part more in a lot of groups of others such as Eiji Hanaoka and The Swing All Stars, Yoshihiro Nakagawa and his Dixie Summit All Stars.

He held leader concert "The Beginning!"in Tokyo Cultural Center in February, 2007 and gained a great success. This concert was the first time by music activity of his 37 years.

At the same time, first leader album (a CD) "Dark Eyes" which he made wins a favorable reception among gators.







Wash Boad

Drum solo

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